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City League

What is City League Football?

City League Football is an open age/senior group competition administered by Football Brisbane (FB).

UQFC is one of only 12 teams that participate in the elite level Brisbane Premier League. As such, Football Brisbane stipulates that the City League divisions 1 through to 6 are the next available senior divisions of men’s football participation.

In 2013, UQFC Men’s City League teams made it to the finals series in each of the six divisions. Of these, five of the six appeared in the Grand Finals.

UQFC currently has one (1) team nominated in each of the six (6) City League divisions.

When do we play and train?

City League Football can be played on either Friday evening or Saturdays or Sundays depending on the nominated timeslot by the HOME team and Football Brisbane scheduling. Teams play a home and away ground format.Training for City 1 is held twice a week on a Tuesday and Thursday on Field 2 (7.30pm) with all remaining City League sides training once a week on a Wednesday evening on Field 2 (7.30pm).

How are teams selected?

UQFC will announce trial dates for City League; these will begin in January 2014 for all the City League divisions, (1 – 6). Each team has an appointed coach to conduct training sessions and manage game-day administration.

Who coaches City League?

City League teams have dedicated coaches for each team.

How do I obtain more information on City League football at UQFC?

Contact the UQFC Head of Men’s Football Matt Hohn on uqfcmens@gmail.com