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Over 35s and Over 30s

Mens Over 35s and Womens Over 30s Football at UQFC

UQFC now competes in Brisbane Over 35s mens and Women’s Legends (over 30s) leagues.  In 2018 fielding teams in Men’s Division 2, Men’s Division 4 and Women’s Division 1

Over 35/30s Football is a football league run through Football Queensland which provides players in these ages groups with an opportunity to play competitive local football, predominantly on a Friday night for men’s and Thursday night for Women in a relaxed, social environment with mates.

Games run on standard FIFA rules with a couple of Over 35/30 modifications and consist of 2 x 40 minute halves, with a 10 minute break between halves. A referee is appointed to control each game (no assistant referees are used) and referee’s fees form part of individual’s registration fees. Unlimited interchange is allowed.

For more information please contact:

Men’s Over 35 – Symbol (AKA Marty Buttigieg)

UQFC Legends (women over 30) – Kellie Stonier (kels_sb@yahoo.com)