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Who can be a referee?

Anyone aged 12-17 who is currently involved at UQFC or has a family relative involved with us is encouraged to sign up to become a referee and join our fantastic referee team for this season.

This is a fantastic opportunity to gain some extra money but more importantly to help our junior teams develop and yourself to gain further knowledge on the laws of the game.

Referees will be assigned games for our MiniRoos (U8-U11s) every Saturday along with opportunties to referee/assistant referee our U12-U16 fixtures on a Friday/Saturday or Sunday. We can not guarantee you a fixture every week due to Football Brisbane appointments taking precedence.

Referee at UQFC

If you are interested in becoming a referee at UQFC please fill in the following form and we will be in touch with you shortly.

Important Information

When you sign up with us you will receive an induction into the laws of the game, equipment to get you started and match fees will be paid each week to you. Our head of referee will be a mentor to all our young referees.

Referees will only be allocated fixtures at or below their age group and can not cover games in their own divisions. New referees to our prorgam will only be assistant referees in their first year and upon succesful training can referee games the following year.

For those who have registered their interest online please attend one of the following training nights:

To Be Advised  <>  at Kenmore Clubhouse
To Be Advised <>   at Kenmore Clubhouse

Date/Time  <> at Kenmore Clubhouse
Date/Time  <> at Kenmore Clubhouse