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Social Football at UQFC

The UQFC Social League provides a social alternative for players on UQ campus. Football quality is still high but games are played in a less competitive manner.

Competitions run in line with the University semesters and take place in semester 1 (starting February/March) up to exam block and semester 2 (August/September) up to exam block.

For our 2016 season we are offering a women only competition and would love to hear from you. We are still running our men only and mixed competitions so there is plenty for you to choose from.


Three competitions are available, either on Friday evenings or Sunday afternoons. The competition’s are men only, women only and mixed with no minimum on the number of male/female players per team in the mixed. Divisions are made up of 8-10 teams, with an 11 a side format. The competition guarantees every team 9 games over 10 weeks.


You can register as a team, group of players or individually. You must be 17 years of age to play but do not need to be a student at UQ to register.For information updates please ‘like’ our facebook page: www.facebook.com/UQFCi


Fees per team are $2250 or $150 per player. Minimum number of players to enter is 15 with a maximum of 18 per team.

How do I obtain more information and register?

Complete a team registration form in full, including a team contact who will be the team manager. Contact the club administrator to obtain a copy of the team registration form.

Sign up at our UQ Sport Market Day in semester 1 and 2 on UQ campus.

Join us at our ‘Play 4 Free’ day, see our Facebook page for more information: www.facebook.com/UQFCi

Contact the UQFC Social Competition Administrator on uqfcsocial@gmail.com