Coaching Resources


Coaching resources

At UQFC we are fortunate to have some of the leading coaches in Queensland developing our top tier teams.  We also have a dedicated group of volunteer coaches across all age groups, many of whom are licensed or taking qualifications through Club-funded support.

If you are interested in joining our Junior team of coaches please fill out our Expression of Interest form: . Alternatively you can contact the Director of Football or the Junior Director of Coaching.

Senior Coaching Expression of Interest  

Coaching support

Football Federation Australia has created a series of short videos to help introduce coaches into football:

Understanding footballLet them play - for fun
How to run your first training sessionKeeping kids playing the game
How to be an organised coachHow to engage the team
How to change things to maintain engagementHow to reflect to improve your training sessions

Training plans - U5 - U8

Discovery phaseNAB Skills SessionsFootball FUNdamentals Guidebook

Training plans - U8 - U12

First Touch training plan 1 - FT into spaceFirst Touch training plan 2 - FT away from defender
Striking the ball training plan 1 - SB medium range shootingStriking the ball training plan 2 SAP - SB forward passing
Running with the ball training plan 1 - RWB at speedRunning with the ball training plan 2 - forward running
Running with the ball training plan 3 SAP - RWB attacking space1V1 training plan 1 SAP - 1V1 change of speed
1V1 training plan S2 SAP - 1V1 attacking space behind defenders1V1 training plan 3 SAP - 1V1 change of direction
First touch training plan 3 SAP - FT out of feetFirst touch training plan 4 SAP - FT quick release
Striking the ball training plan 3 SAP - SB passes through defensive linesStriking the ball training plan 4 SAP - SB long range shooting

Looking for more?  Browse the coaching resources on the Play Football website.

FFA Coaching Curriculum

The FFA National Football Curriculum examines how Australians play football, exploring the philosophy behind how we should play and illustrating practical steps that bring the thinking to life in training and matches.

Having this football curriculum available for all coaches is a key part of the FFA's strategic plan to make football the biggest and most popular game in Australia.

OPEN DAY: Junior Clubhouse will be OPEN for training/playing kit purchases and collection of online orders, boot donations, exchanges and purchases and general merchandise.

Team Managers & Coaches to collect Team Bags and Equipment
Fields open: Training commences for Miniroos: U9-U11 Kangaroos & Angels teams ONLY
(1 session per week for the first two weeks, followed by 2 sessions per week)
Fields open: Training commences for Miniroos: U6-U8 Miniroos, U9-U11 Wallabies & Quokkas & U12
School holidays Friday 1st April - Monday 18th April
(No games or training during this period)
Training resumes for U6-U16 this week, following on from school holidays
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