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The University of Queensland Football Club (UQFC) is an incorporated non for profit organization owned and operated by its members. The operation of UQFC is governed by a constitution that provides for its administration by an Executive Committee formed from the membership.

UQFC teams play under rules administered by Football Queensland (FQ) and Football Brisbane (FB) with primary fields at the University of Queensland, St Lucia (Seniors) and Cubberla Creek in Kenmore (Juniors).

Why choose UQFC as your club?

  • We provide playing and development opportunities from age 6 years through to Men’s & Women’s Premier League as well as social football for over 18 players.
  • We provide high quality nationally and internationally qualified coaches for BYPL & Development teams and dedicated role model volunteer coaches for all other levels
  • We aim to make Football a fun and positive experience – enjoyment of the game is at the heart of our values
  • We are committed to developing our players rather than a win at all costs approach through our UQFC WAY coaching philosophies
  • We support our players through professional administration and a team of friendly, highly competent volunteers across all areas of the Club
  • Our Club culture is very much focused on being community minded, friendly, loyal and professional
  • We believe in positive encouragement for our own players, coaches and Managers but also for those of the opposing teams at all times.
  • In 2020 UQFC was represented by 1,600+ players with 120+ teams playing in FB competitions ranking UQFC as one of the largest amateur Football Club’s in Queensland

Last updated 3 Aug 2021
ATC FieldClosed
Field 1 - Cubberla Creek 1 (Top Field)Closed
Field 2 - Cubberla Creek 2 (Bottom Field)Closed
Field 3 - Kingfisher Park, Gem RdClosed
Uni of Qld Field 3 - SENIORSClosed
Uni of Qld Field 5 (Synthetic) - SENIORSClosed
Uni of Qld Field 9 - SENIORSClosed
Final U6 Miniroos game & end of year celebration
Final U7 & U8 Miniroos games and end of year celebration
U9-U14 End of Season Celebration:

U9 & U10 Teams: 9:30am - 11:30am
U11 & U12 Teams: 12:00pm- 2pm
U13 & U14 Teams: 2:30pm - 4:30pm
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