The University of Queensland Football Club (UQFC) is an incorporated non-profit organisation owned and operated by its members. The operation of UQFC is governed by a constitution that provides for its administration by an Executive Committee formed from the membership.

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2022 Season Enrolment Information and Terms

UQFC teams play under rules administered by Football Queensland with primary fields at the University of Queensland, St Lucia (Seniors) and Cubberla Creek in Kenmore (Juniors).

By proceeding you acknowledge that you have received a written offer of a place at the club and agree to Register for the 2022 Season at UQFC through:

1. Enrolment at UQFC and 

2. Registration through www.PlayFootball.com.au.

If you have not received a confirmed offer of a place, we reserve the right to cancel your registration.


Payments consist of TWO parts: 

1. UQFC Enrolment fees; and 

2. FQ & FA Associations fees  

Please be advised that all fees MUST be paid in full BY 25 JANUARY 2022 and players will only be made active once Enrolment Fees have been received and the "PlayFootBall" Registration is completed. Each player will receive an email from 'PlayFootball' when the registration has been approved by the club. Failure to do so will result in your child remaining 'inactive' in the system, unregistered with FQ and FA, uninsured and unable to participate in training or games.

Should you have any questions pertaining to the payment of fees please contact the Club

Accountant directly on uqfcfinance@gmail.com.

UQFC is an incorporated non-for-profit organisation owned and operated by its members. Your

Club Enrolment fees for the season include, but are not limited to, the following:

. Team Photo & Trophy

. Referee & Line Official's fees *

. Field maintenance, mowing and line-marking

. Building & Clubhouse maintenance

. Hiring & leasing of training fields

. Presentation Day

. Coaching fees (FQPL Development, Academy/SAP)

. Part time staff (Finance & Admin/DOF/DOC/FQPL/DEV & Divisional)

. Public Liability & Professional Indemnity Insurances

. Utilities including Field Electricity, Leases & Water

. Constituted Club Membership Fee (per player)

. Training Equipment

And the following associations:

. Football Federation Australia (FFA) fees (per player) * increased in 2020

. Football Queensland fees (per player) * increased in 2020 (2021 fee may be increased by FQ)

. Football Brisbane fees (per player)

. Football Brisbane Team Levies * newly introduced in 2020

. Insurance (per player)

Please note that fees are higher for ACADEMY, FQPL & DEVELOPMENT players. This is due, but not

limited to the following:

*ACADEMY, FQPL & DEVELOPMENT teams train twice each week, requiring larger field

spaces than MiniRoos and other Junior's, therefore incurring higher facility and overhead

costs over the course of the season

* FQPL & DEVELOPMENT teams incur higher referees' fees than other juniors.

*ACADEMY, FQPL & DEVELOPMENT teams have paid coaches.


Families with multiple children playing at UQFC will receive discount off their third member's set of

fees ($75) and $50 for every sibling thereafter.

In 2022, the online enrolment system will recognise the UQFC Sibling Discount policy and allow

families with 3 or more children to process their payments online.


UQFC is a registered activity provider with FAIR PLAY. Formerly known as Get Started - this is an

initiative under the Queensland Government's Activate! Queensland 2019-2029 strategy aimed at

supporting regular participation in physical activity, by reducing the cost for children and young

people from qualifying families and provides them with a redeemable voucher to help pay for

enrolment fees.

To REDEEM your voucher, please provide a copy of the voucher to uqfcfinance@gmail.com


All requests for enrolment refunds can be made by application to the UQFC Junior Club Accountant

at uqfcfinance@gmail.com and will be determined by the Junior Management Committee on a case

by case basis. Please note that where players are deemed eligible for a refund, the Club reserves the

right to deduct an administrative fee of $30. Please note that No Refunds will be given after 30 June 2022

All affiliation fees paid to FFA and FQ are NON-REFUNDABLE by the club. Applications to FQ are required to release payments as outlined in the FQ refund policy and criteria. 

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