Senior Football at UQFC

UQFC has a long and proud history of playing senior football at all levels and has grown to be the largest club in Queensland.  All abilities are catered for across our teams:

  • Brisbane Premier League and Premier Reserve Men's and Women's
  • City League Men's and Women's
  • U20's
  • U18's
  • Men's Over 35's
  • Women's Legends (Over 30's)
  • Social League
  • Summer 7 a side

Once offered a position by the club, players must then enrol with UQFC and register through Play Football.

Senior training and home games take place at the University of Queensland St Lucia campus on Field 3, Field 5 and Field 9.

Up to date information on training and games, and wet-weather scheduling can be found on the UQFC Facebook page.


Brisbane Premier League and Premier Reserve (Men and Women)

UQFC is one of only 12 clubs selected to play in the top tier Brisbane Premier League (BPL) and Premier League Reserve competition administered by Football Brisbane, and has teams in both the men's and women's competitions.

All home games are played on field 3, UQ St Lucia campus.  Games can be played on either Friday evening, Saturday or Sunday depending on Football Queensland scheduling, following a home and away format.  

Training is held twice a week., and the BPL squad is trained by fully qualified and experienced coaches.  Training for the women's BPL squad is held on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, and the men's BPL squad also train twice-weekly.

UQFC will announce trial dates for BPL and Reserve levels for the following season in around November of the previous year.  

If you are interested in our BPL squad, which to ask a question or to register please contact the UQFC Men's Coordinator or the Women's Coordinator.


City League (Men and Women)

City League is an open age/senior competition administered by Football Queensland. The City League competition offers competitive football at a range of levels, and the opportunity to improve and develop.

UQFC competes in both men's and women's City League competitions, and are consistently top performers.  

UQFC currently has teams nominated in five men's City League and five women's City League divisions.

Home games are played at the UQ St Lucia campus.  Games can be played on either Friday evening, Saturday or Sunday depending on Football Brisbane scheduling, following a home and away format.  

Training for men's and women's City League runs on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday night between 6:00pm and 9:00pm and run for 90 minutes.

Trials for City League start in January.  Each team has an appropriately qualified coach to conduct training sessions and manage game-day administration.

Note that women may start playing City League football in the calendar year of their 16th birthday.  Younger players may also be allowed to play if they receive parental approval and Football Brisbane exemption.  For men, UQFC offers a U18 and U20 squad - see below for further details.

If you are interested in City League football, would like to ask a question, or would like to register contact the Head of Men's Football or the Women's Coordinator.


U18 and U20 Men

UQFC offers division 1-4 football for the U18 age group and senior football for the U20 age group, and is a pathway for young men to move from the junior competition through to the senior leagues.

Home games are played at the UQ St Lucia campus.  Games can be played on either Friday evening, Saturday or Sunday depending on the Football Brisbane scheduling, following a home and away format.

Training is held twice a week on a midweek evening, and further information will be provided by your coach when you are allocated to a team.  The U18 and U20 teams are coached by dedicated coaches committed to player development.

Trials for the following season are traditionally held in November of the previous year.

The coaching structure:

If you are interested in playing U18 or U20 football, or would like to ask a question please contact the UQFC Administrator.

UQFC 2021  Senior mens competitive football structure-edited


Men's Over 35's and Womens Legends (Over 30's)

UQFC fields teams in the men's over 35 competition in divisions 1, 2 and 4 and in division 1 in the women's Legends league competition (over 30's), offering a pathway for players to continue their career as they age.  

Games for the men are usually held on a Friday night, and for women on a Wednesday night, depending on Football Brisbane scheduling.  Games follow standard FIFA rules with a couple of modifications such as shorter halves (2 x 40 minutes) and unlimited interchange.

If you would like to find out more about UQFC's over 35's teams please contact Marty Buttigieg, or for the Legend's league contact Kellie Stonier.


Social League

The UQFC Social League provides an alternative for players on UQ campus who can't commit to training and playing every week in the club competition.  The league offers a good standard of football, but in a less competitive manner and over a shorter season.

The competition runs in line with the university semesers and takes place in semester 1 and 2.  Games are played on field 9 on Sundays between 8:00am and 7:00pm.  

The competition is mixed with no minimum on the number of male/female players per team.  It follows an 11-a-side format and guarantees every team nine games over 10 weeks.  

You may register as a team, a group of players or individually.  Registrants must be 17 years or older but do not need to be a UQ student.  Fees are $215 per player, per semester.  The minimum number of players per team is 14, with a maximum of 18.

Contact our UQFC Social Administrator to obtain a link to the team registration form, and follow our Facebook page for regular updates.



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