UQFC would not be what it is today without volunteers. Becoming a part of the UQFC football community as a Coach, Team Manager or simply helping out on game days, mid-season events and ad hoc initiatives can be a rewarding experience and the Club is very grateful for your offer of assistance
The club requires assistance in many ways ranging from small ad hoc tasks such as changing tap washers, helping with small building repairs or ground works, or volunteering in the Club Shop for an hour or two. Larger tasks are also available and these include providing assistance during carnivals, supervision of kit distribution/returns, team photos, presentation day set up or bringing your professional skills to our aid via roles on one of the Club Committees.
We will be trialling a new "Volunteer" function in Majestri where we will list upcoming tasks where we believe additional resources will be required. We are hopeful that parents will sign up to volunteer whatever time they are able in order to support you.

UQFC  Volunters

Clubhouse open for Equipment Returns/ Uniform purchases/ Boot donations
UQFC 2021 Annual General Meeting
Venue: Junior Clubhouse, Cubberla Creek
Address: 145 Fig Tree Pocket Road

Date: Saturday 6 November 2021
Time: 12 noon - 2pm

The Meeting Agenda will be as below:

1. Call to order
2. Approval of 2020 AGM minutes
3. UQFC Inc Financial Report 2021 and adoption of audited accounts - Treasurer
4. President's Report 2021
5. Executive Committee appointments - 2022
6. Any other Business - Questions from the floor
At the AGM, all Club Executive positions will become vacant and nominations for club executive committee will be sought from club members to fulfill the following positions

· Vice President Senior Club
· Vice President Junior Club
· Vice President Infrastructure
· Vice President (Girls/Women's)
· Club President
· Club Treasurer
· Club Secretary

Completed NOMINATION forms must be returned to the Club Secretary via uqfcsecretary@gmail.com by 5:00 PM on 23 OCTOBER 2021
For more information, including nominations, voting and proxy forms - please contact the Club Secretary on uqfcsecretary@gmail.com
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